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On diet, struggling for the "perfect weight".
Reading Céline, "Mort à crédit". May recommend it to anybody who feels depressed and want to stay depressed.

Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.

After encountering number of references to it, I now read myself the Steve Jobs Stanford speech. Interesting example of how "who is saying" is sometimes not less important than "what is said" or maybe even more important.
Of coarse, one should also keep in mind that people are different (that is important point that often is forgotten when general advices are given to broad audience) and that many recipes that work for one man would not nesesseryly work for another. For example, " follow your heart and intuition" advice my work good for intuitive type of people, but not for those who's intuition is less good.
I recall how two chess champions disagreed on a similar subject. Capablanca used to say something like "Sir, if you see good move - don't hesitate, do it.", while Lasker is quoted saying "if you are sure you see good move - think again, maybe you miss something." 

frank vs cool

Like shadusfix pointed out today, "I share what I'm going through, but not what I'm feeling. She couldn't understand that because her idea of a journal was the recording of innermost thoughts and secrets. 
I guess some people can do that, but most that I've seen... don't.
Well, I don't know about innermost thoughts - I am afraid it is rather difficult to say something innermost, because innermost thoughts are normally somehow vague and uncertain and once you put them into words they are not innermost after all - but my idea of a journal is definitly to write something that is interesting to me. And peoples feeling and thoughts are definitely interesting to them. Why people don't write more personal stuff then?
One obvious answer is that they are hiding it from there real-life friends or relatives.
But I don't think it is the main reason. Me, for example. Nobody (almost :-) knows me in this journal. Why don't I write here something more personal?
OK, I am extraverted thinker and I don't like to write about myself too much, but still.
I think, mostly because of the inner censor. The writing is a compromise between two desires: to be frank and to be cool.
"Be attractive, don't be unattractive", remember?
And like the poet said,
"But my own unwillingness is grinding and grounding me
and I’m standing on guard, in my own octagonal garden.

And what do you think? Or as readers, do you enjoy reading something inner or maybe you feel uncomfortable to read somebody's private records?

Always remember: The harmonic series diverges.

This post will be about math. Why not?
First of all, nice quote.
"Today I said to the calculus students, "I know, you're looking at this series and you don't see what I'm warning you about. You look and it and you think, 'I trust this series. I would take candy from this series. I would get in a car with this series.' But I'm going to warn you, this series is out to get you. Always remember: The harmonic series diverges. Never forget it.""

I can't say I forgot it.  Or, at least, I believe I could think a bit and recreate this high point of medieval mathematics
on my own. Unfortunately, I forgeet something else: what harmonic series is. Actually, I hardly remember anything about any series. And I have BA in math.. Should I be sad about it? I don't know.

In general, it seems like many people that can hardly remember any math basics. Recently one user posted two problems, one tricky:
There are 100 coins and two empty wallets. How you put all the coins in those wallets so that the number of coins in one wallet is exactly twice then in the other?
and one dumm:
There are 100 houses on one street. You need to put numbers from one to hundred on them. How many '9's do you need?

I was suprised by the number of right answers to the tricky problem. But I was even more surprised by the number of wrong answers to the dumm problem. People (some people!) know to think creatively, but they (many of them!) just don't know to count. Looks like the ability to count is something unnatural that you lose if you don't practice.